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Welcome to RSP Software

Development of very fast ActiveX OCXs , DLLs , .Net framework compatible components and utilities

And research on high speed code execution on Win32 and Linux , C programming , processors and DSP based code

We want to thanks Winsite for providing more links to download our software

We are working on ... (06/Mar/2005 14:39) ...a very fast implementation of the square root algorithm , it is for research purposes only , ...the distribution of the mp3 control 2.5.8 to licensed users since all tests passed and nobody reported a unique bug , ...the new control to be released , the addition of full Unicode support to all our controls, at least one user have reported serious problems passing filenames as Unicode to our media controls , ...the addition of support to receive events from CreateObject based code , ...the new control to be released and his name is RSP MP3 Plugin Encoder , ...the wma access code to read and write the wma format in normal mode or wav mode , ...the functions to convert with high quality the wav pcm format, it is based on the BLACKMAN algorithm , the same used in the LAME encoder to resample wav files prior to the encode process , ...codec plugin access code including workaround to avoid buggy codecs


Domain problems (06/Mar/2005 15:44) : Due to a problem in our host company the site   is down , until it return to work our site can be reached in the address , and the valid email is

We are really sorry for the problems that it have caused , but soon our address will be enable again


Ricardo Pereira